Does Trade Kill Jobs?

Trade agreements aren’t the principle factor to blame for the majority of U.S. job losses or the decline in earnings. Many factors determine total employment.

The Evolution of Trade Agreements

The World Trade Institute at the University of Bern created a database called DESTA that houses data on approximately 790 preferential trade agreements signed between 1947 and 2014.

The Reach of Global Shipping

TPP is significant because it constitutes the largest regional trade agreement ever implemented outside of the WTO. TPP was negotiated among 12 countries on both sides of the Pacific. Those countries together generate roughly 40% of global economic output (GDP).

How Should We Think About Trade?

Are we wired to think trade is bad? Here are four antidotes to the onslaught of negativity around trade.

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Trade Facilitation Agreement

Members of the World Trade Organization (WTO) negotiated the 2014 Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA) to expedite “the movement, release and clearance of goods, including goods in transit.”

How Much Do Countries Trade?

World trade is a major driver of the global economy. According to the World Trade Organization (WTO), trade accounted for 30 percent of total global economic output in 2014, up from 20 percent in 1995. As the world has become increasingly globalized, trade has grown dramatically as a share of total global output.

Gauging the Speed of Trade

The new World Trade Outlook Indicator tool measures how fast or slow world trade is moving compared with projections for medium-term trends.

Metropolitan Cities Drive North American Trade

Metropolitan cities form the backbone of supply chain and co-production platforms of North American advanced manufacturing.  Explore this data set to see which pairs of cities trade the most and which manufacturing industries are the most integrated in North America.