Industrial Clusters

Small American Cities Depend More on Exports than Big Cities

If you were to take a guess as to which American metropolitan areas export the most, you’d probably be right: New York, Los Angeles, Houston, Chicago, Dallas, and Seattle top the list. But, if ranked by exports as a share of local GDP, it’s America’s smaller cities that top the list – four of the most export dependent are smaller cities in Indiana.

Robert Lighthizer

How to Deal with the Question of China

Confirmation of Robert Lighthizer as USTR is still pending but some of his views on China were revealed at his hearing. The WTO may not have all the tools needed to address China’s industrial policies so the Trump Administration may look for additional new ones.

Pacific Alliance Logo

The Pacific Alliance is Gearing Up to Compete with North America

Peru, Colombia, Chile, and Mexico have locked arms in the global competition to attract investment and take advantage of economic dynamism in Asia. The Pacific Alliance countries see NAFTA as the standard for regional competitiveness but they are prepared to take integration further, recognizing that the region is stronger competing together. For them, it’s not enough to seize existing opportunities, these countries are out to shape the playing field.

World map on an asphalt road

What is a Free Trade Agreement?

Around the world, hundreds of free trade agreements are in force or under negotiation. WTO commitments do not prevent countries from negotiating these separate agreements, but they are considered exceptions and must meet certain criteria. Here’s what you need to know about agreements designed to create free-trade areas.

India's RTA Profile on WTO Website

Let’s Make a Deal

To see how countries stack up in terms of the number of agreements they’ve negotiated, check out the WTO’s database of trade agreements.


Metropolitan America

National trade statistics have been in the news lately, but the figures tell us little about what we produce and sell in our own communities. The Brookings Institute Metropolitan Policy Program developed an interactive tool called Export Monitor to better understand the role of exports in economic recovery, growth, and employment among American counties and metropolitan areas.

Fresh Fruit For Sale

“Buy Local” Would Even Spoil Farmers Markets

Madison, Wisconsin is home to the exceedingly vibrant and sort-of-famous Dane County Farmers’ Market. Purveyors arrive in the wee hours of the morning from all corners of the state. We all recognize that drawing the line at the county is arbitrary. The market’s popularity, variety, energy owe themselves to trade and to quality—not to locality.

Blue autonomous hybrid truck driving on highway

How America Keeps on Trucking

Driverless trucks will someday revolutionize shipping, with the potential to lower costs and improve safety. But what will happen to trucking jobs?