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Connect the Dots

In the modern global economy, most products are not wholly made in one country. Even the services you buy can be composed of inputs from various countries around the world — like the story of our TradeVistas logo designed by an artist in Indonesia commissioned through a company aggregating design services out of Australia.

Picture Trade Beautifully

The Observatory of Economic Complexity offers a tool that is as beautiful as it is educational (not mention fun to use), enabling users to “quickly compose a visual narrative about countries and the products they exchange.”

The Reach of Global Shipping

TPP is significant because it constitutes the largest regional trade agreement ever implemented outside of the WTO. TPP was negotiated among 12 countries on both sides of the Pacific. Those countries together generate roughly 40% of global economic output (GDP).

Metropolitan Cities Drive North American Trade

Metropolitan cities form the backbone of supply chain and co-production platforms of North American advanced manufacturing.  Explore this data set to see which pairs of cities trade the most and which manufacturing industries are the most integrated in North America.