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She Can Trade!

Now more than ever, we need to revive a Rosie the Riveter mentality when it comes to promoting and supporting women’s full participation in trade because when women trade, society as a whole benefits. This week we offer a suite of articles to inspire.

Summer Traditions

Our summer traditions are downscaled and homey this year due to COVID-19, but trade doesn’t play any less of a role in them. Read our summer issue focused on trade and baseball, RV trips to National Parks, where American flags are made, and how the pandemic is affecting the big business of pyrotechnic displays using fireworks from China.

Villains and Heroes

Murder hornets arrived on container ships, posing a threat to local honeybees that pollinate food we trade. Experts’ best guess is that they arrived in shipping containers. They are a reminder that increased trade volume, changes in trade routes, and the expansion of airport and seaport capacity around the world means having to deal with the unwelcome stowaways in global trade.

Trade Diploma-cy

Universities and students are getting a leg up through trade in educational services. The mainstreaming of different forms of distance learning may create more competition to offer educational services virtually across international borders. This week we explore trade in education and the movement of students across borders.

Tech Trade Battle Lines

In a trend of “techno-nationalism,” more governments are deploying blacklisting. This week we examine what blacklisting means in global trade and how export controls are applied in semiconductor trade, a harbinger of more to come.

Trade Policy’s Achilles Heel

Americans generally support trade as beneficial to the U.S. economy. But right now, trade institutions are vulnerable as more citizens question whether the existing framework is serving the interests of middle-class Americans. This week we’re keeping an eye on surveys and polling on trade as we get closer to the election.

Six Degrees of Trade Separation

This we explore COVID-19’s domino effect on trade in pork. While we’re binge watching, we’re also looking at trade barriers cropping up around the streaming of movies internationally. And last up, we feature a new piece on the worrisome uptick in illicit trade in medical products including medicines.

New Trade Narrative

Globalization is out. “Diversification,” “rebalancing” and “nearshoring” are in. Has the pandemic rocked our supply chain world, or will the business and government reaction to it merely accelerate trends already underway? This week we’ve got a roundup on how US firms are sourcing more domestically, from Mexico and from low-cost countries in Asia as an alternative to China.

A Galaxy Far, Far Away

Our own planet feels like one small community right now but as U.S. astronauts get ready to launch on a privately owned rocket, now is the time to read up on the future of trade in space. We also bring you a summary of this year’s U.S. report on which countries are not enforcing U.S. intellectual property rights in their markets.

Three Hemispheres

This week we spin the globe to check in on U.S. trade with UK, Argentina and India. Why does Argentina impose nearly 600 export taxes? What lies ahead in U.S.-India trade talks? And, what can we learn from the way the UK has approached public dialogue on a free trade agreement with the United States?