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When Hogs Fly

Here’s why Harley-Davidson’s adventures in India will be the subject of conversation between Trump and Modi next week. The U.S. wine industry narrowly averted 100% tariffs on our favorite European wines but the tariff war with Europe is having ripple effects, hurting forklift drivers, small wine shops, hotels and others all throughout the wine distribution chain.

Funny Valentine

It’s shaping up to be a busy year in trade. So, which trading partners is President Trump sending valentines to in 2020? We’ve pulled some quotes from the presidential candidates and created a quiz to see if you know who said it on the campaign trail. See how many you get right.

Free To Trade

This week we explore a variety of ethical concerns in trade from the everyday products we consume to wildlife trafficking in the name of traditional remedies to the most abominable practice of enticing people to move across borders to entrap them in bonded labor.

Mapping Trade’s Future

We’re kicking off a focus on infrastructure with two new articles. The first offers your need-to-know about China’s grand infrastructure plan: Belt and Road. The second highlights Suffolk, Virginia, an example of how cities can redefine themselves economically based on an infrastructure advantage like nearby port expansion.

Money Rules

How money changes hands affects trade. When it’s under the table, it can be a costly hidden tariff for businesses. In this issue, read about corruption and trade. Also, it’s the Lunar New Year – good time to read about how digital red envelopes are a sign that China leads the way on digital payments.

Redesigning Trade Deals

The U.S. and China signed a trade deal on Jan 15. Attempting to rewire China’s economic system cannot be achieved in one pass – an agreement this ambitious would have to be built in phases. What does that mean for the future of trade deals?

Salt of the Earth

Humankind spent millennia fighting wars over control of salt trade. Today, about half of it is used to melt ice on roadways. Andrea Durkin brings you the short version of the long history of salt trade. Re-read our background articles on Iran sanctions and the challenges of monitoring illegal activity on the high seas.

The Gift of Trade

Unwrap some holiday trade stories. In this issue, we’ve got the trade angle on gifts for “The Romantic,”“The Pragmatist,” and even for the teenage VSCO girl in your life, as well as the trade backstories on your favorite textile fads.

Laboring for Trade

The Trump Administration and House Democrats struck a deal focused on enforcement of labor provisions in the USMCA, clearing a way for a vote. But what effect do labor provisions in FTAs have? Columnist Anne Kim breaks down their history, the rationale for them, and what they can and can’t do.

What Trade War?

If shoppers are worried about the U.S.-China trade war, it’s not showing up yet in measures of their buying confidence or holiday retail sales, writes Andrea Durkin. Discover how online shopping is breaking records this holiday season in a new shareable graphic.