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Nuclear Options

Over the last few years, national security has become a lens through which a broad spectrum of trade policies is viewed, including those affecting extraction and trade in the minerals and metals mined from the earth. This week, TradeVistas delves into the world of trade in uranium as fuel for nuclear energy.

Trade More, Less War

On the occasion of 9/11, we look at the relationship between trade openness and peaceful relations. Economists have shown that protectionism can actually lead to conflict, but greater openness to trade can reduce the probability of future conflict between those countries by as much as 70%. Read more to be inspired.

Order from Chaos

The theme of 2020 appears to be chaos. This week we explore chaos in industry sectors, in trade, and in our own lives. But then we offer a trade antidote.

Got Graphics?

A few key facts at a time is our approach at TradeVistas.org. We’ve generated 500+ articles on the essentials of global trade and trade policy, but did you know that TradeVistas also houses hundredes of graphics for readers to download and share? Explore more in the Trading Cards section of the site.

Tomato Salad

While you were shopping for fresh summer tomatoes, the Administration held hearings this week to hear from American seasonal produce growers and their concerns about tomato imports from Mexico. TradeVistas explains the longstanding dispute over seasonal produce imports.

New for Educators

Coming to a university near you! TradeVistas this week rolled out resources for trade educators including a starter course pack and discussion guide to facilitate classroom exchanges on current trade issues.

Censored Trade

The U.S. private sector along with open Internet advocates are leading the charge to consider censorship antithetical to the global trading system. At the center of the debate is China, the country with the most extensive censorship program in the world and that holds significant market power in the global economy.

Tipping Point for WTO

Discover the results of TradeVistas’ inaugural survey of Americans’ attitudes on trade. A plurality of Americans support leaving the WTO, but most seem unsure of the WTO’s role. We’ve got analysis.

Trade Upgrade

The foundations of U.S. trade competitiveness are cracking and badly in need of smart investments in hard infrastructure, broadband and the technologies that enable U.S. companies to retain an advantage in the global economy. China has a plan for its own upgrades — and to secure an advantage through infrastructure investments around the world.

Colorful Trade

You’ve heard of the green economy. But vast potential also lies in preserving Earth’s valuable oceans – the “blue economy” – and in nurturing the limitless creativity of the human mind – the “orange economy”. Explore both this week with TradeVistas.