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Heavy Metal

What do tattoos, rare earths, and summer concerts have in common? Heavy metal and TradeVistas. Andrea Durkin provides the backstory and context for China’s latest threat to stymie exports of minerals we use in a wide variety of tech products. In the spirit of summer, writer Alice Calder finds the free trade in music festivals, and we look at how Americans are making their mark with the globally traded carbon black found in tattoo ink.

Origins and Travels

While cargo shippers struggle for space, consumers ask where exactly have my goods been? As uncertainty hangs in the air over new China tariffs, Leslie Griffin looks at the how the tariffs are affecting the major U.S. ports that handle U.S.-China shipments. Christine McDaniel explains how blockchain technologies are providing us with more information than ever about the global journey of the products we buy.

A Raft of Sanctions

The United States has deployed sanctions more than any other country, with some 8,000 sanctions in place. We break down the basics behind U.S. economic sanctions, the debate over their efficacy, and recent U.S. actions against Iran, Russia and Venezuela. Editor Andrea Durkin explains how the U.S. dollar provides the muscle behind U.S. economic sanctions.

Incubating Trade Policy

Trade policies are “fast followers” not first movers, always responding to changing economies. We take a closer look at a new generation of trade and gender chapters in trade agreements and how trade institutions, like APEC, are working to ensure women trade. Columnist Leslie Griffin offers your “Essential” on APEC’s history and how it operates.

Different Labor Problems

As political debates over USMCA continue, we highlight a different set of pressing labor problems. An estimated 152 million children in the world today are in child labor. Trade agreements can only do so much – collective action by governments, business, and civil society is needed. Columnist Anne Kim explains how America’s working class is in a dismal economic state – trade agreements are neither the main problem nor the main solution.

A World Without NAFTA

There’s an elephant in the trade room. The President might still withdraw from NAFTA. TradeVistas columnist Christine McDaniel looks at the possible impact of a no-USMCA, no-NAFTA scenario on businesses, farmers and consumers. Columnist Leslie Griffin takes a “high-rise” look at trade in architectural services and the policy issues affecting the broader building economy.

Disreputable Trade

Columnist Andrea Durkin explains the nuts and bolts of how criminals move money through global trade, and how government-to-government collaboration and innovative technologies will be key ingredients to staying ahead of this trend.

The DNA of Healthy Cities

The US-China relationship has taken ill, but global relations in Cambridge tell a different story about how global investors can make for a healthy local economy. This week, TradeVistas columnist Leslie Griffin analyzes the DNA of Massachusetts’ vibrant biopharma and medical device industries. Also find three charts that put China tariffs in context and an updated US-China trade war timeline just as things heat up.

Making Waves

When it rains in trade policy, it pours. This week we look at trade in virtual water and how water scarcity is threating global agriculture. We also explore how your spring raincoats, boots and other water resistant clothing are affected by tariffs on imported goods from China. Finally, we break down the trade jargon to explain what “water in the tariff schedule” means and how “bound” and “applied” tariff rates are calculated.

Sporting a New Look

While the International Trade Commission was running its numbers on the economic impacts of the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Free Trade Agreement, we decided to run our own analytics about how you use our site. This week we introduced a fresh look and, more important, improved navigation to find all the stories you’re looking for.