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Dealing in Arms

Instead of news of the trade war, this week we bring you a glimpse into trade in the weapons of war. It’s a business that rises and falls according to the rhythms of armed conflict around the world.

White Coats

As Members of Congress get ready to vote on the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Free Trade Agreement (USMCA), we explain the complex issue of data protection for biologic drugs, one of the agreement’s controversial features.

Symbolic Trade: Si and He

On the 150th birthday of the periodic table, we’re exploring trade in silicon (in the form of semiconductors), sand (which offers up silicon), and helium (did you know the world is running short on this gas?).

Silver Linings

The upside of trade in the news is that we’re talking about trade and trade policy. At TradeVistas, we are seizing this moment to go beyond the headlines. This week, we share website highlights including our most-read articles and most-popular infographics of 2019.

Money Moves

Trade isn’t just about tariffs. In this issue, we have your 411 on global foreign direct investment (FDI) flows. Andrea Durkin breaks down the real impact of FDI on the U.S. economy and workers. Lauren Kyger explains how Chinese venture capital investment is replacing FDI in the United States.

Travel Warriors

We offer three trade and travel stories to read on summer vacation. Andrea Durkin explains how tourism and travel are the unsung heroes of the international trade story, generating $1.7 trillion in global exports. We also look at how American-made RVs are exported around the world and how destination weddings help local vendors become services exporters in global trade.

Summer Trade Buzz

In this issue, we track a major U.S. export crop – almonds – from the orchard to India. Andrea Durkin explains how one-third of the U.S. food supply relies on pollination by the hard-working honey bee. Pragya Bhatnagar breaks down the impact of recent Indian tariffs on California almond growers. For a different type of buzz, we look at how Chinese coffee newcomer Luckin is fighting its own trade war against Starbucks.

Cannabis Trade Blooming?

This week we look at global trade in drugs from narcotics to opioids to the budding CBD and hemp industries. Lauren Kyger explains how growing demand for trendy CBD is an opportunity for U.S. hemp farmers, but they’ll have some catching up to do with other nations in the global cannabis market.

Blockchain’s Big Bang

In this issue, TradeVistas columnist Christine McDaniel helps us all get smart on three ways blockchain will transform who trades, how we trade, and how consumers can know the global journey of the goods they buy.