TradeVistas | online trade in fake goods

New Sights

Amid this week’s COVID-19 updates, the Administration and Congress ramped up the fight against online trade in fakes. National Parks are closed to enforce social distancing, leaving hundreds of “gateway” communities starved for jobs and revenue that rely on tourists. And passenger flights are converting to all-cargo runs to move Covid-fighting medical supplies where they are needed most.

TradeVistas | free trade and COVID-19

Healthy Trade

COVID-19 is on everyone’s minds. In this issue we look at the WTO’s zero-for-zero tariff agreement on trade in health-related products that the world needs now. And with panic buying making it harder for parents to buy things they need for baby, we explore the global business of diapers, wipes, toys and a mountain of other baby gear.

TradeVistas | Irish music copyright law

Luck of the Irish

We’re bringing some Irish luck to you this week in honor of upcoming St. Patrick’s Day. First, read about how the Irish Music Rights Organization took on U.S. copyright law in the WTO – and won. Then read about how Invest Northern Ireland is attracting investors ahead of a US-UK free trade agreement.

TradeVistas | section 232 tariffs, imported autos, and tariff authority

Turbocharged Tariffs

Congress called, they want to take back their tariff authority. Two bipartisan bills were introduced in 2019 to restrain the administration’s use of Section 232 national security tariffs and restore congressional oversight. Contributor Ed Gerwin explains. Also in this issue, trade in live animals is a growing business to provide extra income, improve nutrition, and transfer the resource burden of raising livestock from birth.

TradeVistas | GPA Government Procurement

How’s Your GPA?

School’s in. Everyone gets a special designation and we’re working to keep up our GPA – Special 301 and Government Procurement Agreement, that is. This week, USTR held a hearing on IPR protections and reports circulated the administration questions the benefits of staying in the WTO procurement agreement. Orit Frenkel and Tim Trainer, offer our version of Cliff’s Notes.

TradeVistas | Harley-Davidson motorcycle tariffs

When Hogs Fly

Here’s why Harley-Davidson’s adventures in India will be the subject of conversation between Trump and Modi next week. The U.S. wine industry narrowly averted 100% tariffs on our favorite European wines but the tariff war with Europe is having ripple effects, hurting forklift drivers, small wine shops, hotels and others all throughout the wine distribution chain.

Mean candies

Funny Valentine

It’s shaping up to be a busy year in trade. So, which trading partners is President Trump sending valentines to in 2020? We’ve pulled some quotes from the presidential candidates and created a quiz to see if you know who said it on the campaign trail. See how many you get right.

"Free" Trade and Modern Slavery | TradeVistas

Free To Trade

This week we explore a variety of ethical concerns in trade from the everyday products we consume to wildlife trafficking in the name of traditional remedies to the most abominable practice of enticing people to move across borders to entrap them in bonded labor.

China Belt Road Initiative | TradeVistas

Mapping Trade’s Future

We’re kicking off a focus on infrastructure with two new articles. The first offers your need-to-know about China’s grand infrastructure plan: Belt and Road. The second highlights Suffolk, Virginia, an example of how cities can redefine themselves economically based on an infrastructure advantage like nearby port expansion.

TradeVistas | building blocks of trade

Money Rules

How money changes hands affects trade. When it’s under the table, it can be a costly hidden tariff for businesses. In this issue, read about corruption and trade. Also, it’s the Lunar New Year – good time to read about how digital red envelopes are a sign that China leads the way on digital payments.