TradeVistas | Kearney Reshoring Index tracks if American companies are bringing manufacturing back

New Trade Narrative

Globalization is out. “Diversification,” “rebalancing” and “nearshoring” are in. Has the pandemic rocked our supply chain world, or will the business and government reaction to it merely accelerate trends already underway? This week we’ve got a roundup on how US firms are sourcing more domestically, from Mexico and from low-cost countries in Asia as an alternative to China.

TradeVistas | rocket launching; the future of space trade

A Galaxy Far, Far Away

Our own planet feels like one small community right now but as U.S. astronauts get ready to launch on a privately owned rocket, now is the time to read up on the future of trade in space. We also bring you a summary of this year’s U.S. report on which countries are not enforcing U.S. intellectual property rights in their markets.

TradeVistas | export taxes have distorted Argentina's economy

Three Hemispheres

This week we spin the globe to check in on U.S. trade with UK, Argentina and India. Why does Argentina impose nearly 600 export taxes? What lies ahead in U.S.-India trade talks? And, what can we learn from the way the UK has approached public dialogue on a free trade agreement with the United States?

TradeVistas | global collaboration is needed for COVID-19 vaccine

A Shot of Knowledge

Vaccines are produced through long established global collaboration – a COVID-19 vaccine will too. This week we also look at the acclerating trend to import health care workers to make up for staffing shortages. In sweet relief, meet “cloud coffee,” the global Internet sensation made possible by trade.

TradeVistas | jobs in service industries have been hit hardest by the COVID-19 pandemic

Human Dimensions

This week we explore two angles on what happens to workers when the global economy shuts downs all at once. Young and low-wage workers have been the hardest hit by the pandemic – the world over. Meanwhile, President Trump suspended immigration for 60 days but made an exception for temporary workers, such as those who help harvest our food.

TradeVistas | Joe Exotic and global wildlife trade

Surviving and Thriving

Trade can exacerbate the diminishment of precious resources but can also propagate solutions to help the planet thrive. As Earth Day approaches, we contemplate international trade in wild animals which brought us Joe Exotic and possibly a pandemic. On the upside, a global movement in wood buildings using traded timber is good for the environment and our mental health.

Vector connecting dots and lines.


Even under harsh trade restrictions with Iran, exemptions are made for trade in food, medicines and medical supplies. Is there a lesson to apply to the global pandemic response? Global trade in pistachios reveals four quirks in the broader world of global agricultural trade.

TradeVistas | toilet paper shortage 2020

Life with Covid

We’re exploring how life has changed. We’re searching for toilet paper here in the U.S. but it turns out that global trade in toilet paper is actually pretty small. With ZOOM and other business software, we are all trading in global services now. And our quarantine activities at home are showing how global our influences, choices and opportunities really are.

TradeVistas | online trade in fake goods

New Sights

Amid this week’s COVID-19 updates, the Administration and Congress ramped up the fight against online trade in fakes. National Parks are closed to enforce social distancing, leaving hundreds of “gateway” communities starved for jobs and revenue that rely on tourists. And passenger flights are converting to all-cargo runs to move Covid-fighting medical supplies where they are needed most.

TradeVistas | free trade and COVID-19

Healthy Trade

COVID-19 is on everyone’s minds. In this issue we look at the WTO’s zero-for-zero tariff agreement on trade in health-related products that the world needs now. And with panic buying making it harder for parents to buy things they need for baby, we explore the global business of diapers, wipes, toys and a mountain of other baby gear.