Big Reveal

What could the United States gain from a free trade agreement with Brazil? Contributor Alice Calder analyzes the U.S-Brazil trade relationship to uncover revealed comparative advantage (RCA) in 20 sectors. A new graphic illustrates how Brazil is driving global ethanol exports.

Soybean farmer handful of harvested crop seed

Mixed Harvest

Soybeans have become the bellwether for how the U.S.-China trade war is going and it’s affecting the prices for U.S. farmers. Also in this issue, contributor Max Moncaster looks at whether, after the year farmers have had, the initial U.S.-Japan Trade Agreement is a deal worth celebrating.

Apocalyptic Sunset

Actual War

Contributor Alice Calder offers insights into the long-term economic damage of Syria’s civil war. As the world waits and watches to see what will happen next with Brexit, we offer a quick overview of its economic implications and an update to our shareable Brexit timeline.

Carousel toy

Tariff Carousel Ride

What does the WTO Airbus decision hold in store for rotating tariffs on European products? Columnist Leslie Griffin breaks down “carousel” retaliation and how it is used to impose maximum pain through tariffs. While the news is focused on tariffs, Holly Smith explains how import quotas have returned to trade policy.


Variety Fare

We depend on trade in seeds to help protect global food production and supply – and for variety in the foods we eat. Pomegranates are one example of the Wonderful varieties brought to us by trade. Having survived twenty years of banana trade wars, the popular Cavendish banana faces a new challenge, one that could actually wipe them out.

Republicans Democrats 3d render For Usa Selection

Trade Politics Central

TradeVistas launches Trade and Politics 2020 – a new page on the site that serves as a central resource for how trade will figure in the presidential election cycle.

Fighter jet quickly flies away in the air.

Dealing in Arms

Instead of news of the trade war, this week we bring you a glimpse into trade in the weapons of war. It’s a business that rises and falls according to the rhythms of armed conflict around the world.

3D medical background with DNA strand

White Coats

As Members of Congress get ready to vote on the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Free Trade Agreement (USMCA), we explain the complex issue of data protection for biologic drugs, one of the agreement’s controversial features.

Semiconductor Wafer (1)

Symbolic Trade: Si and He

On the 150th birthday of the periodic table, we’re exploring trade in silicon (in the form of semiconductors), sand (which offers up silicon), and helium (did you know the world is running short on this gas?).

Silver Linings

The upside of trade in the news is that we’re talking about trade and trade policy. At TradeVistas, we are seizing this moment to go beyond the headlines. This week, we share website highlights including our most-read articles and most-popular infographics of 2019.