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Summer Trade Buzz

In this issue, we track a major U.S. export crop – almonds – from the orchard to India. Andrea Durkin explains how one-third of the U.S. food supply relies on pollination by the hard-working honey bee. Pragya Bhatnagar breaks down the impact of recent Indian tariffs on California almond growers. For a different type of buzz, we look at how Chinese coffee newcomer Luckin is fighting its own trade war against Starbucks.

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Cannabis Trade Blooming?

This week we look at global trade in drugs from narcotics to opioids to the budding CBD and hemp industries. Lauren Kyger explains how growing demand for trendy CBD is an opportunity for U.S. hemp farmers, but they’ll have some catching up to do with other nations in the global cannabis market.

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Blockchain’s Big Bang

In this issue, TradeVistas columnist Christine McDaniel helps us all get smart on three ways blockchain will transform who trades, how we trade, and how consumers can know the global journey of the goods they buy.


Baseball and Blockchain

It’s midsummer, a milestone marked every year by baseball’s All-Star Game. No sport is more American than baseball, and trade helps provide the equipment we need to play ball. In the latest in our series on trade and blockchain, Christine McDaniel explains how blockchain technologies can expand the supply of credit available for small businesses, helping them trade more globally.

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Headwinds and Tariff Waves

U.S. businesses are preparing for another possible wave of tariffs while seeking product exclusions from existing tariffs on goods from China. Economist Christine McDaniel explains how the U.S. administration is responding. We also wanted to know how economists are dialing tariffs into their forecasts about growth for the U.S. and global economy.

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SPECIAL: Celebrating Freedom

This 4th of July, we celebrate the 41 million Americans who embrace their freedom as independent workers. One-quarter of Americans work for themselves and 22 percent of those in business for themselves sell to overseas customers. As you watch a community display or set off your own fireworks, thank global trade (mainly China) for helping us maintain this holiday tradition.

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Heavy Metal

What do tattoos, rare earths, and summer concerts have in common? Heavy metal and TradeVistas. Andrea Durkin provides the backstory and context for China’s latest threat to stymie exports of minerals we use in a wide variety of tech products. In the spirit of summer, writer Alice Calder finds the free trade in music festivals, and we look at how Americans are making their mark with the globally traded carbon black found in tattoo ink.

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Origins and Travels

While cargo shippers struggle for space, consumers ask where exactly have my goods been? As uncertainty hangs in the air over new China tariffs, Leslie Griffin looks at the how the tariffs are affecting the major U.S. ports that handle U.S.-China shipments. Christine McDaniel explains how blockchain technologies are providing us with more information than ever about the global journey of the products we buy.

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A Raft of Sanctions

The United States has deployed sanctions more than any other country, with some 8,000 sanctions in place. We break down the basics behind U.S. economic sanctions, the debate over their efficacy, and recent U.S. actions against Iran, Russia and Venezuela. Editor Andrea Durkin explains how the U.S. dollar provides the muscle behind U.S. economic sanctions.

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Incubating Trade Policy

Trade policies are “fast followers” not first movers, always responding to changing economies. We take a closer look at a new generation of trade and gender chapters in trade agreements and how trade institutions, like APEC, are working to ensure women trade. Columnist Leslie Griffin offers your “Essential” on APEC’s history and how it operates.