Cropped Brookings China Tariff Map

Mapping Exposure to Retaliatory Tariffs

Getting Real: The Brookings Institute Maps Out How Tariffs Could Affect You

The Brookings Institute Metropolitan Policy Program developed and maintains the Export Monitor, which TradeVistas previously featured in this Tool. In the unfolding tariff war with some of our major trading partners, the analysts at the Metropolitan Policy Program recently released an important analysis of how exposed individual U.S. states and metropolitan areas are to new tariffs on the products they make and export.

China Tariff Exposure

Reviewing 40 industries potentially affected by new tariffs imposed by China on U.S. exported goods, they find some 2.1 million American jobs exposed: “High-tech and low-tech, industrial and agricultural, commodity and specialty production are all represented and put into play.” From auto plants in the Midwest to growers in the Central Valley of California, and pharmaceutical producers on the East Coast, the Chinese government has designed a list that spreads the pain across the American geography, targeting more “red” counties than “blue” counties but creating the same amount of employment exposure in each.

For a look at how your state, your county, your industry and maybe your job could be affected by Chinese tariffs on U.S. goods, download and explore their data here.




European Tariff Exposure

Analysts Max Bouchet and Joseph Parilla of the Metropolitan Policy Program have also analyzed how exposed individual U.S. states and metropolitan areas are to new tariffs being considered by the European Union.

Reviewing the products on the retaliatory tariff list developed by the European Union on some $8.2 billion worth of U.S. exports to Europe, they find that New York is the most exposed by volume with $1.5 billion in exports targeted by the European Commission, followed by Michigan, California, and Tennessee. Access this Brookings data set here.