TradeVistas | trade blacklisting and export controls

Blacklisting Deployed in the Battle Over Tech Trade

Blacklisting is being increasingly deployed in the battle over tech trade. The U.S. is controlling the export of commercial technologies to China in the name of national security.

TradeVistas | export taxes have distorted Argentina's economy

Argentina Applies Over 500 Export Duties – How’s That Working Out?

The economy of Argentina has been distorted by nearly 600 different export taxes. Trade restrictions can reinforce poor economic outcomes.

TradeVistas | tariffs are U.S. tool to stop China from cheating in trade

How Does China Cheat? The White House Counts the Ways

In its June 2018 report, the White House creates a taxonomy of ways that China cheats in trade. The Chinese government acquires American technologies and intellectual property to aggrandize Chinese productive capabilities, stands on the shoulders of American innovation, siphons information from open and proprietary sources, and enlists Chinese nationals to accrue knowledge through research arms of universities and companies in the United States.