Trade touches just about every aspect of our daily lives, from the food in our fridges, to the cars we drive, to games we download on our phones – not to mention its prominent role supporting our “9 to 5” or “gig economy” jobs, the vacations we take, and the hobbies we pursue in our downtime.

But as familiar as trade is, nearly six out of every 10 Americans say they “don’t know enough” about trade practices and policies to decide whether they are helpful or harmful to their lives and to jobs and growth of the American economy. And few issues are as heated – or as fraught with conflicting information – as the current debate over trade.

TradeVistas’ mission is to offer readers a clear view on trade. Told in fact-based, straightforward, and entertaining narratives, we bring trade home and demystify the workings of global trade and trade-related policies. We want every reader to feel they’ve become a smarter consumer of news and information about trade. Tell us your questions and ideas and we’ll work to deliver content that meets your interests.


We’ve got you covered on the Trending topics from China to the new United States-Mexico-Canada free trade agreement (the “new” NAFTA) to Brexit. But there’s a foundation to everything in the news. In our Essentials section, you’ll find short takes on the fundamentals of global trade rules, trade agreements, and negotiations. Explore our Timelines and Interactives page for useful summaries and insights on trending issues. The Data Stories section is carefully curated to provide you the best, easiest-to-use resources to find the trade data you’re looking for.

Everyday Trade is a collection of stories offering a glimpse into the paths of the ordinary everyday things we use and how they came into our lives through trade. Dive into the Technology page to read about trade and jobs, manufacturing, digital commerce, and how we protect innovative ideas through trade policies.

TradeVistas breaks down the need-to-know aspects of more complicated areas of trade policies in “Unfair” Trade, from the laws behind the tariff wars, to unfair industrial subsidies, illicit trade and sanctions, and the ways countries and companies resolve trade disputes. We’ve got expert writers but we ensure they explain it plainly.

Here’s what you won’t find: We do not advocate for or against any particular trade policy. We are non-partisan. We want to be your trusted resource for fact-based context so you can make your own, informed conclusions. Thanks for stopping by – subscribe to our free newsletter and reach out with feedback.


The Hinrich Foundation is a philanthropic organization focused on promoting sustainable global trade. The Foundation’s work is grounded in the belief that sustainable global trade requires mutually acceptable terms for balanced economic, social and environmental outcomes. The Foundation produces forward-looking policy research, delivers programs that educate and engage stakeholders on global trade issues, and develops talent to advance trade activity. In all of these ways, the Foundation aims to promote maximum benefits for all participants in trade and enable trade to play a role in enhancing geopolitical stability.

Our Roots

We gratefully acknowledge the support of Scott Miller, who gave us a platform to incubate and grow TradeVistas while serving as the Scholl Chair at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), which was our home from September 2016-2018 before launching as a fully independent publication.