American Medical Technologies Have a Good Image Overseas, and That’s Good for American Jobs

Imaging software paired with sophisticated diagnostic equipment offers an amazingly detailed, 3D look inside the human body. Medical innovations support well-paying jobs in every state, from sonographers to medical software developers to medical equipment repair technicians. Expanding sales worldwide is a prerequisite to sustaining growth in these American healthcare jobs.

A World of Ideas

Most good ideas require intellectual property (IP) protection if they are to play a key role in driving customer sales. As consumers, we interact with IP thousands of times every day with little to no conscious thought when we text on our cell phones, slip a sleeve onto our hot coffee cups, notice the style of cars passing on our commute, or walk down the aisle of a grocery store.

Michael Jordan Scores in China

Michael Jordan’s exploits on the basketball court were legendary, but the former hoops star seems to be showing that he’s got “game” when it comes to the rules of international trade as well.