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When a “Trade War” is a War

We often talk about “trade wars,” but in the era of a rules-based trading system the phrase typically refers to the use of tariffs or import restrictions to inflict economic harm. It was not always so. Before the GATT and its design for the peaceful settlement of commercial disputes, the use of military power in international economics was commonplace. Take the case of the fight over control of nutmeg production in the 1660s.

The Best Way to Reduce the Deficit is to Grow Mexico’s Economy

A NAFTA negotiation could address the “microeconomic” factors that affect trade flows would increase the level of trade between the United States and Mexico and make U.S. consumers better off, but it wouldn’t have much effect on the balance of trade. On the other hand, economic growth in Mexico would achieve that effect by stimulating demand for more U.S. products.